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  Number of pictures 289
Capital Juneau
Population 630 000
Density 0.42 / Km▓
Enter in union 03/01/1959
Rank in union 43
Nickname The Last Frontier
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Alaska, A flightseeing adventure in Katmai National Park, Alaska. For the complete report and gallery: www.alaska-editions.com
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Alaska, Wrangell Mountains seen from Glenallen. For more Alaska webgalleries: www.alaska-editions.com
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Alaska, Humpbacks feed only in summer, in polar waters, like here in Alaska's Prince William Sound. They migrate to tropical or subtropical waters to breed and give birth in the winter. Humpbacks average 45 feet and weigh 35-40 tons. Shot made with Nikon D3000/300 mm tele lens. For more Alaska marine wildlife impressions: www.alaska-editions.com
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Alaska, A humpback whale can easily be identified by its stocky body with an obvious hump and black dorsal coloring. The head and lower jaw are covered with knobs called tubercles, which are hair follicles, and are characteristic of the species.Humpbacks frequently breach, throwing two-thirds or more of their bodies out of the water and splashing down on their backs. Shot made with Nikon D3000/300 mm tele lens. For more Alaska marine wildlife impressions: www.alaska-editions.com
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Alaska, The Last Frontier
Alaska, The Last Frontier
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Alaska, A Fox watches for 'lunch' to run by in Northern Alaska
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Alaska, While looking through my image files I ran across this jewel I had overlooked before. This image was acquired on March 24, 2007 from the beach at Deep Creek, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. The beach, along the eastern shore of Cook Inlet, is littered with ice that has been washed up and glazed by the waves and tides during a long spell of unseasonably cold temperatures. Across the Inlet 10,197 foot Redoubt Volcano is visible at left.The aurora borealis twists and curls into spiral formations to the right of the volcano and is then reflected in the waters of the inlet. Further to the right, a void in the aurora creates the effect of a shadow cast into the night sky by the cone-shaped volcano. Nitrogen fringing is visible as reddish emissions in the bands of aurora at right as particularly powerful particles penetrate the Earth's atmosphere to altitudes down to 35-40 miles high as opposed to the common green oxygen emissions that take place between about 50 and 100 miles altitude. These types of emissions by molecular nitrogen are as close to the ground as the aurora ever gets. A bright moon is seen at the left and reflected in the water. Moonlight sparkles off the icy beach in the foreground. I used a custom-built 6x9cm. medium-format camera and Kodak E100VS film for the origional image. COPYRIGHT (C) Dennis C. Anderson Night Trax Photography contact at: auroradude@acsalaska.net or visit: www.auroradude.com
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Dennis C. Anderson
Alaska, Cruising the Inside Passage, Alaska. For more Alaska (including cruising!) and US web galleries: www.michelhammann-photography.com
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